11 DIY Projects You Should Never Do

Homeowners are often attempted to try a DIY project, whether they’re motivated the challenge or are simply trying to saving money. However, having the proper tools, skills, and expertise to do certain DIY projects is another story. Whether you have the tools or the instructions you found online look easy, tacking many home improvement projects yourself can be very dangerous and may even be illegal. They include these 11 DIY projects that can have unintended consequences.

11 DIY Projects You Should Never Try

1. Installing a Lighting Fixture

Lights may look easy enough to install but require a sound wiring connection. Any mistakes can result in shocks, burns, and fires. You should therefore rely on a professional with the training to safely complete the job.

2. Converting an Oven Range

It’s illegal for anyone other than a licensed contractor to convert an electric stove to gas. You need two professionals familiar with the permitting and installation process for a gas stove install (which can involve converting circuit breakers and tapping gas lines/running new ones).

3. Fixing Your HVAC System

You could be injured by a freon leak, which can cause respiratory damage, or by an unbalanced unit. Trying to fix an AC or heater without a HVAC repair professional can also void your warranty.

4. Removing Old Insulation

Older homes may have insulation that contains asbestos. DIY asbestos removal is never recommended. There are procedures and laws associated with this potentially dangerous task, which is why it’s best to fit the asbestos removal cost. Call a professional for asbestos tile removal as well.

5. Replacing a Hot Water Tank

Without a licensed plumber, there is a risk of electrocution or an explosion; 240 volts of electricity is too much for most people. Plus, there are gas lines to contend with and the potential for carbon monoxide exposure.

6. Pumping a Septic Tank

An unpleasant task, working on your septic tank without experience is dangerous. Specialized equipment is needed. You would also need a permit for disposing waste, so this is a job best left to our Olympia plumbing professionals.

7. Getting Rid of Lead Paint

Old paint often contains lead, which is known to cause a wide range of health effects. Even experienced professionals are at risk too, but are equipped to deal with the challenges.

8. Replacing a Garage Spring

Garage door springs are under an enormous amount of tension. If they start to wear out or develop gaps, they must be replaced. But doing this yourself can cause serious harm if the spring snaps or garage door falls on you.

9. Removing Wildlife

Taking on a raccoon, skunk, coyote, or other wild animal yourself risks infection and injury. By attempting this DIY project you also risk harming the animal, which can have legal consequences. Professionals can safely trap, remove, and relocate animals without harm; clean the area, and prevent reentry.

10. Breaking Down a Wall

Walls in your home may serve various purposes. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s hard to tell whether a wall is load-bearing or cosmetic. Permits are required for such work in many locations. Therefore, call a pro to help open up your floorplan.

11. Installing a Skylight

Skylights are great to have and let in natural light and heat. However, installation involves cutting holes, installing frames, and fitting and sealing a window above your head. It’s best to rely on someone with the tools and expertise to manage the challenges over avoiding the skylight installation cost.

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