Heater Repair & Maintenance

Heater & Furnace Repair in Olympia

Black Hills offers heater and furnace repair services in Olympia and throughout Thurston County. Our experienced technicians can work on any make or model. We also offer after-hour and weekend emergency repairs when it just can’t wait. 

Heating & Furnace Repair Services

Have you ever had your furnace stop working on a cold night? Are you worried that your furnace might break down at the worst possible time? Whatever your situation, Black Hills is here to save the day and restore your heat 24/7!

Our team of professional repairmen is experienced and delivers exceptional service. We have been servicing and repairing furnaces in Olympia and Thurston County since 1993. Our service techs are licensed and bonded, and they are committed to finding the root cause of your problem and fixing it. 

Call us at 360-822-9659 or complete our online contact form today to request an appointment.

Give us a call at 360-822-9659 or complete our online contact form today to request an appointment.

Signs You Need A Furnace Repair

How do you know the difference between a slight hiccup in your furnace and when it’s time to call a professional to take a look? Sometimes it’s obvious, like when your heater won’t turn on. Sometimes it can be subtler. 

Here are some signs that it might need to be repaired:

  • Cold or Inconsistent Air: If your rooms aren’t heating evenly, cold air is blowing through the vents, you don’t feel consistently warm air, or the temperature in your room doesn’t match the temperature on the thermostat, call a technician.
  • Excessively Hot Furnace: Your furnace is very hot to the touch. 
  • Increased Energy Bills: Have your energy bills been increasing? It could be that something is wrong with your furnace, and its efficiency has deteriorated. 
  • Yellow Pilot Light: If your pilot light looks yellow, it could indicate that your furnace has a carbon monoxide leak. This highly poisonous gas is incredibly toxic, so it’s critical to have your furnace checked by a licensed technician immediately. 
  • Strange Noises: Are you hearing weird noises coming from your furnace? Creaks, squeaks, or pops may indicate that something in your furnace is out of place or broken. 
  • Frequent Cycles: Does your furnace turn off and on regularly in a short period of time? Frequent cycling can be caused by overheating, oversized furnaces, or thermostat malfunctions. This problem can cause permanent damage and higher energy costs if it persists. 
  • Long Heating Periods: If your house takes forever to heat up, something might be wrong with your furnace. It could have a repair issue or be too undersized to heat your home properly.

If you have noticed any of these problems, call Black Hills immediately! We offer both scheduled and 24/7 emergency repair visits. Call us at 360-822-9659 today to request an appointment.

Want to avoid future repairs? Schedule annual heater maintenance visits with Black Hills.

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Black Hills Furnace Repair Services

The professional HVAC heater technicians at Black Hills are chosen carefully. Every team member is background checked, thoroughly trained, certified, and insured. We want you to know that you are safe in our hands.

Black Hills offers HVAC furnace heater repair services in Olympia and Thurston County, Washington, as well as the surrounding areas. We also do complete heater replacement installations and offer furnace maintenance on all major brands and models.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Call 360-822-9659


Real Comments From Real People

So Very Impressed

- Debbie F.

Diamond Harris was the HVAC Design who came to my house to give me an estimate for a tankless water heater. I was so very impressed. His customer service, extensive knowledge, and professionalism certainly earn the grade of an A+. A true reflection on black hills Inc.'s hiring practice of hiring and retaining only the best employees. My estimate included not only the tankless water heater but the full installation. Diamond Harris is an asset to your company. Black hills inc was referred to me by my parents who had 3 major projects completed by black hills Inc., and loved working with them. With employees like Diamond, I now see why. Such a positive experience. Thank you. Please give my sincere thank-you to Diamond

Awesome Customer Service

- Lillian B.

We spoke to 3 different companies to get an estimate for a new system. Black Hills was the only company that did exactly what they said they would do from the start. I appreciate the text/photo letting me know who would be arriving and he came right on time. Travis was very polite and professional and answered all of our questions. The installation crew was also very quick and professional and cleaned up afterward. Follow-ups to make sure we were happy with service also appreciated. Awesome customer service

Great Service

- Jordon C.

Great service, No BS. Our AC was not keeping up, had a feeling it was because of a leaking coil on the inner unit. Was confirmed by Black Hills Inc. and was set-up with an appointment with a comfort specialist. After the survey with the specialist (Bento Yanez), we sat down and discussed options for replacement, turning out that full replacement with a heat pump/ac/new furnace would be the most efficient cost-effective option. Black Hills was able to access all the previous history on our unit since prior homeowners had used them, they could pull up everything that had previous work done. Looking forward to the replacement unit being installed in only 4 days, after the survey.




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