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Lighting Repair Services in Olympia

When your home lighting needs repair, you need an experienced certified electrician who can fix the underlying wiring issue. You can count on the experts at Black Hills to solve your problem.

We Repair Lights the Right Way

Functional lighting plays a crucial role in almost every activity in your home. It might seem easy to try to repair a, but an electrician must fix an underlying wiring issue. Customers in the Olympia area have relied on Black Hills for expert electrical services since 1993. When you need lighting repair, you can trust our team to get your lights working and ensure your safety.

Lighting Issues We Repair

Changing a light bulb won’t resolve every lighting issue. As a leading home lighting repair company in the region, we can fix common problems such as:

Flickering Lights

If a light is flickering or dimming, the wiring between the switch and fixture may be loose. But sometimes the issue is caused by loose, damaged, or corroded wires elsewhere in your electrical system. An overloaded circuit is also a potential cause. Whether it’s one of these issues or a bad switch or socket, our electrician will find the root cause and repair it.

Sparking Light Switches

A spark is an electrical problem’s calling card. It can precede a shock or fire. A light switch should not spark when it’s turned on. You likely need light fixture repair, but the fixture’s wiring to the switch may be faulty. Old, worn-out wiring or a loose connection can spark. Call an electrician right away if you see sparks from a light fixture.

Fixture Does Not Work

If the light fixture does not turn on, the reason can be a switch problem, damage to the fixture, or an electrical fault. We can inspect and repair any type of fixture, including kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting. Our electricians can also repair chandeliers, sconces, and exterior, flood, security, porch, and ceiling fan lights.

Bulbs That Burn Out Quickly

You might think the bulb is defective. But if every bulb burns out soon after installing it, it may be power surges causing the issue. Loose wiring, a malfunctioning electrical component, or sources outside your home can trigger them. Call an electrician to investigate the problem, provide lamp repair, and inspect your electrical system for hidden problems.
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Electrical Services
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Benefits of Lighting Repair

A DIY lighting repair can be ineffective and dangerous. Rather than take unnecessary risks, call an electrician to assess the problem. They have the knowledge and experience to fix the issue correctly and determine if you need any other type of electrical repair. Here are a few of the benefits of hiring a professional to repair lights:

Enhanced Illumination

Poor lighting can make it difficult to perform basic tasks such as cooking or cleaning. It can also be dangerous, especially if you can’t see hazards or where you’re going. Professional lighting repair not only ensures your lights stay on. A technician can determine why your bulbs aren’t bright enough. They can even help you choose lamps and bulbs that suit the design and layout of your home.

Electrical System Protection

Home lighting repair provides a technician the opportunity to perform electrical maintenance. A problem with a fixture can put your electrical system at risk. It can also indicate an issue deeper in the system. An underlying problem can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of electronics, appliances, and components such as your breaker panel. Investing in a little help now can save you money later.


A licensed electrician has the training, tools, and equipment to safely address any lighting issue. Their expertise can improve your safety and be life-saving. Lighting problems can lead to trip hazards not to mention a shock, burn, or electrocution. Our electricians check for damaged fittings, poor connections, signs of corrosion or overheating, and defective switches or plugs. Any repairs they perform will ensure your lights are safe to use.

Contact Black Hills Inc.

Our licensed electrical technicians specialize in all types of home lighting repair. We repair lights no matter how simple or complex the issue is and check for any other electrical problems. Black Hills provides a full range of electrical services throughout the Olympia area.
If you have flickering, dimming, or nonfunctional light fixtures, call Black Hills at (888) 834-7479 for upfront pricing and to come and troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the problem.

Real Comments From Real People

So Very Impressed

- Debbie F.

Diamond Harris was the HVAC Design who came to my house to give me an estimate for a tankless water heater. I was so very impressed. His customer service, extensive knowledge, and professionalism certainly earn the grade of an A+. A true reflection on black hills Inc.'s hiring practice of hiring and retaining only the best employees. My estimate included not only the tankless water heater but the full installation. Diamond Harris is an asset to your company. Black hills inc was referred to me by my parents who had 3 major projects completed by black hills Inc., and loved working with them. With employees like Diamond, I now see why. Such a positive experience. Thank you. Please give my sincere thank-you to Diamond

Awesome Customer Service

- Lillian B.

We spoke to 3 different companies to get an estimate for a new system. Black Hills was the only company that did exactly what they said they would do from the start. I appreciate the text/photo letting me know who would be arriving and he came right on time. Travis was very polite and professional and answered all of our questions. The installation crew was also very quick and professional and cleaned up afterward. Follow-ups to make sure we were happy with service also appreciated. Awesome customer service

Great Service

- Jordon C.

Great service, No BS. Our AC was not keeping up, had a feeling it was because of a leaking coil on the inner unit. Was confirmed by Black Hills Inc. and was set-up with an appointment with a comfort specialist. After the survey with the specialist (Bento Yanez), we sat down and discussed options for replacement, turning out that full replacement with a heat pump/ac/new furnace would be the most efficient cost-effective option. Black Hills was able to access all the previous history on our unit since prior homeowners had used them, they could pull up everything that had previous work done. Looking forward to the replacement unit being installed in only 4 days, after the survey.



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