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When the power goes out across Olympia, you can stay comfortable and cozy in your own home thanks to a personal generator for your home. Black Hills and our expert electricians can install any type, make, or model of home generator. We can even help you pick out a generator to purchase before we install it if you are not sure what generator would best fit your home’s energy demands.

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Why Should You Get a Home Generator?

No one wants to be without power for long. A personal home generator can help ensure that you never are. At Black Hills, we always think it is best to prepare for the unexpected however you can. When it comes to electrical services, that means you should be planning on getting a generator installed on your property sooner than later.

The five key benefits of owning a personal generator are:

  • Safety: During a widespread blackout, unsavory characters are tempted to commit property crimes, like vandalism and burglary. A generator that keeps your home lit up all night will greatly deter would-be thieves from trespassing on your property.
  • Appliance protection: Some models of personal generators feature integrated whole-home surge protection options. When a rolling blackout hits Olympia, a generator of this design will absorb the power surge before it can hit and damage your appliances and sensitive electronics.
  • Food preservation: If all the food in your fridge and freezer spoils due to an extended power outage, you could be out hundreds of dollars or more in groceries. Running a generator and minimizing fridge and freezer use in a blackout can save all your food.
  • Brownout prevention: Did you know that getting a personal generator for your property can actually reduce the chances of rolling brownouts in the part of Olympia you call home? After a blackout, power needs to come back to all utility users, which can be a big demand on the city’s grid. Switching too much power back on at once can cause a secondary blackout, or a brownout. With a generator installed, your home will not need blackout recovery power, so the grid can use that energy elsewhere, reducing the odds of further outages.
  • Peace of mind: Of course, there’s no substituting the peace of mind a personal home generator will bring you and your family. No matter what happens, you can rest easy knowing that your family will have power for at least a limited amount of time in a blackout.

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