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Fixtures & Sinks Upgrade, Repair, & Installation Services in Olympia

Every family wants a flawless home in both form and function. Sometimes, that requires some plumbing fixture upgrades! If you are in the market for a new sink, faucet, or other fixture, turn to Black Hills. At our company, you’ll find a professional who can recommend the right product and get it installed quickly.

We strive to ensure every customer has a positive experience with our team of expert plumbers in Olympia. If plumbing fixture upgrades are on your to-do list, you can trust Black Hills with the job!

Contact us at 888-834-7479 to schedule an appointment. We serve clients upgrading and installing bathroom and kitchen sink fixtures throughout Thurston County and the surrounding areas.

Faucet Installation and Upgrades

If you need to replace a faulty faucet in your kitchen or bathroom, or want to upgrade and improve your faucets and fixtures, our professional plumbers at Black Hills can help. Our plumbers install high-quality faucets from Delta, Kohler, and other leading manufacturers.

No matter your budget, you can replace any leaking or dated faucet in your bathroom or kitchen with a new, efficient one. Your new faucet will save you money on your water bill and provide a design that enhances the look of your bathroom or kitchen.

Water-Saving Features

New faucets are significantly more water-efficient than older faucets. The EPA gives out WaterSense labels to manufacturer models that designate when a new faucet has high-performing, water-efficient features that will help you reduce water waste and save you money on your water bill. 

When all your faucets and fixtures have WaterSense ratings and features such as aerators, the water savings you can enjoy are significant. The average family can save an impressive 700 gallons of water per year. These savings also carry over to water heater expenses; if you save on hot water usage, you also save on the energy expense of heating the water.

Contact us at 360-822-9659 to schedule an appointment. We serve clients throughout Thurston County and the surrounding areas.

Beyond faucets, Black Hills also sells and installs innovative, high-quality bathroom and kitchen products to improve the functionality and appearance of your home.

High-Performance, Water-Saving Toilets

According to the EPA, toilets are one of the largest water wasters in American households, accounting for almost 30 percent of water usage in a home. Older toilets can consume three to seven gallons of water per flush. 

Modern, water-saving toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush; that’s a 20 to 60 percent savings in water! The EPA estimates that homeowners can save as much as $140 per year on their water bill by switching to low-flow toilets—that means a low-flow toilet can quickly pay for itself.

Contact Black Hills for a water-saving toilet upgrade and installation in Thurston County, Washington, and surrounding areas.

Contemporary, Transitional, and Traditional Bath and Shower Fixtures

Are you tired of dealing with old showerheads and bath faucets? Is the water pressure too much, too little, not spread enough, or too spread out? Or, is the shower head just crusted over and gross with mineral deposits?

Whatever the case, it’s time to upgrade to a newer, water-efficient bath and shower fixture that is both functional and visually appealing. At Black Hills, we can install showerheads that are taller (or shorter), have adjustable heads to control water flow and spread, or even have a hose to move it around easily.

Shower Enclosures

Black Hills can install shower enclosures that look good, are easy to clean, and don’t leak. We use special mold-resistant caulk so that no water escapes, and mold and mildew struggle to have enough moisture to survive. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks and Vanities

Black Hills can perform sink and vanity installations for your Olympia home, along with new kitchen or bathroom faucets and fixtures. Sinks need to be installed properly. The sink needs to be sealed and caulked to the vanity or counter, and the drains need a proper p-trap and slope to the rest of the plumbing system. Kitchen sinks need enough room for a garbage disposal to be installed.

Garbage Disposals

Do you need help with your garbage disposal? Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is essential to preventing chunks of food from building up and clogging your sink. New garbage disposals are more reliable and use less energy, and there are even models that are sound-insulated to make them significantly quieter.

Call Black Hills for kitchen garbage disposal repairs and installations in Olympia and Thurston County, Washington. 

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Reach out to us today to see how we can solve problems and create new beauty and functionality in your bathroom and kitchen. As with everything we do, all kitchen and bathroom plumbing projects are backed by our 100 percent money-back guarantee. We’ll make the plumbing part of your kitchen or bathroom remodel the easiest part!

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Real Comments From Real People

So Very Impressed

- Debbie F.

Diamond Harris was the HVAC Design who came to my house to give me an estimate for a tankless water heater. I was so very impressed. His customer service, extensive knowledge, and professionalism certainly earn the grade of an A+. A true reflection on black hills Inc.'s hiring practice of hiring and retaining only the best employees. My estimate included not only the tankless water heater but the full installation. Diamond Harris is an asset to your company. Black hills inc was referred to me by my parents who had 3 major projects completed by black hills Inc., and loved working with them. With employees like Diamond, I now see why. Such a positive experience. Thank you. Please give my sincere thank-you to Diamond

Awesome Customer Service

- Lillian B.

We spoke to 3 different companies to get an estimate for a new system. Black Hills was the only company that did exactly what they said they would do from the start. I appreciate the text/photo letting me know who would be arriving and he came right on time. Travis was very polite and professional and answered all of our questions. The installation crew was also very quick and professional and cleaned up afterward. Follow-ups to make sure we were happy with service also appreciated. Awesome customer service

Great Service

- Jordon C.

Great service, No BS. Our AC was not keeping up, had a feeling it was because of a leaking coil on the inner unit. Was confirmed by Black Hills Inc. and was set-up with an appointment with a comfort specialist. After the survey with the specialist (Bento Yanez), we sat down and discussed options for replacement, turning out that full replacement with a heat pump/ac/new furnace would be the most efficient cost-effective option. Black Hills was able to access all the previous history on our unit since prior homeowners had used them, they could pull up everything that had previous work done. Looking forward to the replacement unit being installed in only 4 days, after the survey.




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