Tips for Installing Ductwork in an Old House

January 27, 2023 | Air ConditioningHeating

Old homes can be charming but often lack the comfort and convenience of modern heating and cooling systems. Updating your HVAC unit usually requires installing bulky air ducts. While the property may not have been designed for ductwork, there are options for you to reap the benefits of a fully conditioned space. Installing ductwork in […]

What Does a Fresh Air Damper Do?

January 20, 2023 | Air Quality

Dampers may be found in various parts of an HVAC system. Dampers are placed inside your air ducts and vents, and they open and close to allow or prevent air from passing. Your air handler blows air through your air ducts at a constant rate, and the rooms closer to the air handler would receive […]

How to Know You Need an AC Refrigerant Recharge

January 13, 2023 | Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner will need to be “recharged” if it’s low on refrigerant. The process includes adding coolant and pressurizing the system as well as checking for leaks. After all, an AC doesn’t burn up refrigerant. It circulates through a closed system so if it’s low, there’s almost certainly a problem. But how do you […]

Signs Your Furnace’s Heat Exchanger Is Failing

January 6, 2023 | Heating

The heat exchanger is one of the key components of a gas furnace. It extracts heat from the sealed combustion chamber to warm the air pushed through it. Heat is then delivered to your home through the air ducts.  Heat exchangers keep your home’s clean air separate from the toxic air used in combustion and […]