10 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Problems

There are many Don’ts to consider when it comes to maintaining your plumbing.

Instead of focusing on the Do’s and how To’s, we’re going to discuss ways to prevent plumbing problems by avoiding 10 common mistakes. You can save yourself stress and money by, for example, hiring a plumbing pipe repair service. It doesn’t take an expert plumber to keep things running smoothly; just realize your plumbing system is very sensitive to environmental factors and susceptible to wear and tear.

From knowing when to call a plumbing repair service to practicing daily habits that protect your plumbing, here are some of the most important things to avoid or consider:

1. DIY Plumbing

It’s hard to diagnose and fix something without the proper experience, equipment, or tools. Misusing a tool can damage it and possibly result in a serious injury. You also don’t want to cut or drill in the wrong place. Attempting plumbing repair on your own can then result in damaging pipes, wiring, or ductwork behind a wall that you didn’t know were there (causing issues like a flood, gas leak, electrical shock, or HVAC damage).

2. Updated Water Heater

Don’t assume your hot water heater is going to last forever. On average, water heaters last from 8 to 12 years. If an appliance or water heater plumbing are showing signs of failure, and/or you’re not getting sufficient hot water, consider replacement. Today’s water heaters have higher efficiency ratings and can save you money in the long run, and there are even greener options such as a tankless water heater. In addition to lower operating costs, it wastes less flue gas and cuts carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Misusing Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals are convenient, they must be used carefully. Pouring grease down the disposal will eventually cause a clog as it hardens in the drain. Avoid putting fibrous material into it, such as celery, cornhusks, artichokes, or onion skins. And dispose of waste gradually with the cold water running. Pushing large volumes of waste through at a time can jam up the disposal.

4. Pouring Oils Down Drain

This might seem like the easy way to get rid of oils and grease. Warm grease is fluid, but it solidifies as it cools, sticking to the inside of pipes downrange of your sink. More and more grease will stick to the buildup already there. Over time, sink plumbing and even sewer lines can become completely blocked.

5. Drain Cleaners

Not only are chemical drain cleaners practically useless. They also damage sink plumbing by causing corrosion and degrading the material, which can lead to pipe failure. The chemicals in these products are dangerous. You can become seriously injured or sick by mishandling them.

6. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds should never be disposed of in sink drains, even when the water is running. They tend to stick together inside the pipe. This can create a stubborn clog that be avoided by disposing of coffee grounds in a compost container.

7. Delaying Repairs

Any tiny plumbing issue is most likely going to get worse. Even if you have a slight water leak, just a couple of drips per minute can waste gallons of water per month. That’s also money being wasted. A slow drain can eventually lead to a total backup, and low water pressure can turn into a burst pipe. Call a plumbing service company right away.

8. Toilet Fresheners

Drop-in toilet freshener tablets should be avoided. Making the water blue doesn’t mean they are helpful; in fact, they contain chemicals that can damage toilet plumbing components, such as the flush valve. Pieces from disintegrating tablets can get stuck in various moving parts. This can cause your toilet to break down. Also, avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper to avoid clogging the drain pipe.

9. Items Under Sink

Don’t use the space under your sink for storage. Boxes, cartons, wastebaskets, and other items can strike pipes and damage them. Most pipes are thin and delicate. If anything keeps bumping into them, they can start leaking or even break.

10. Don’t Take Shortcuts

Purchasing low-quality fixtures and equipment, forgetting to turn off the main water valve, or neglecting to change hoses in your washing machine plumbing every five years (they should be replaced with stainless steel lines) can lead to avoidable problems. You should also invest in a leak protection system. Incorporating a main water shut-off and alarm, it can detect a leak in your sink, water heater, or shower plumbing before you realize it.

Also, abide by local plumbing codes. Using the wrong materials or skipping protective elements, such as a vacuum breaker, can put your household and others in danger and lead to hefty fines.

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