Ways to Save Heating This Season

During the heating season will sometimes bring higher heating bills, as homeowners run their heaters more often monthly costs rise as a result. During this time we usually see an increase in heating breakdowns and heating repair service calls during this time. Homeowners look for ways to help cut heating costs and reduce the risk of more extensive repairs. Here are a few ways you can save this heating season.

  • Get your heater maintained. Heaters collect dust and dirt over time, especially during the summer when they don’t get much use. In addition, they may develop problems that aren’t readily noticeable, but which can turn around and bite at the worse possible time. A maintenance session can address all of that: cleaning off the dust, tightening loose bolts or fittings and spotting any potential issues for larger repairs. All of that improves your heater’s efficiency, which cuts down on bills.
  • Seal Leaks in your home. If you have a crack under your front door, a window pane that leaks air or an uninsulated portion of the attic, they could be costing you warm air. Seal any leaks with weather stripping and see if you can add more insulation to your house.
  • Look into zone controls. A zone control system for your heater lets you tailor the temperature in individual portions of your home. You can thus turn off the heat in areas you aren’t using while leaving it on in those rooms you’re occupying at the moment.

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