To Repair or To Replace: That is the Question

As your central heating and air conditioning system ages or occasionally fails, you will eventually be confronted with the decision to either repair or replace your system. This decision can be challenging from both a comfort perspective, as wells as a financial perspective, where repairs can range from hundreds of dollars and replacement can range from thousands of dollars. To help with this important decision we have gathered some important information to help you decide. Things to consider There are three main factors to consider when replacing your existing system; life expectancy, efficiency, and current condition if the unit. If any of these factors are a problem area than replacement should be considered and if all of these are a concern then replacement is almost always the best option.

Life Expectancy- Most units are expected to have a life span of twelve years, however, a poorly designed or installed system may shorten the life span of your system. If your system is nearing the end of its life expectancy or you feel your system was installed improperly, replacing your unit might be your best option Efficiency- Older units are much less efficient than newer ones due to continuous improvement and increasing energy standards, so replacing your unit can save you money in the long run if your unit is old and inefficient. The savings of installing a new central heating and air conditioning system can pay for itself in energy savings over a period of time. Current Condition- Consider the current condition of your unit when deciding to repair or replace your unit. Factors to consider are quality of the equipment, the number of breakdowns and how often you keep your unit maintained. If your system is in poor condition trying to restore the system to new can be more costly than replacing the existing system. If you suspect that you need a new central heating and cooling system or have any questions about diagnosing the current condition of your system contact us today at (360) 558-3242!