Sounds Your Furnace Should Not Make

Regardless of the age, your HVAC system can still develop problems, if you can notice problems with your furnace, you have a better chance of getting a repair technicians on it before it gets worse. Noises are a strong sign that something is wrong with your furnace. If you them, consider calling in a Professional HVAC Company like Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air Conditioning as soon as possible.

Once you learn the differences, you’ll know what to listen for so you can take action when it is needed.

Grinding Noises. A grinding noise typically means parts are rubbing again each other, which should never happen in a functioning heater. It could be a bent fan blade, or a part of the motor overheating, or it could even be debris caught in the system. Either way, it could cause further damage if the heater is still running; turn it off and call a repair technician immediately.

Humming Noises. A humming noise could be coming from a component that is working too hard and may be in danger of shutting down. This can include the fan motors or similar components. The sound can also come from a leak somewhere in the system, costing you warm air and creating the sound in the process.

Hissing Noises. A hissing or buzzing noise could also come from a leak somewhere in the system. It might also be caused by an electrical failure that could cause a shutdown of an electrical component.

These and other sounds indicate a significant problem that requires professional assistance to correct. If you hear sounds your furnace should not make, call Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air Conditioning to help. We can handle ANY heating repair in the Thurston, Pierce, and South King County. Give Us a Call at (360) 558-3242 or Schedule Your Appointment today to avoid future problems.