How to Turn Your A/C into a Smart Air Conditioner

Nowadays, there are lots of new technologies for turning your A/C into a smart air conditioner. Many of them don’t require an investment in A/C replacement. In fact, you can use a smart controller to make your existing system more efficient and save money.

Air conditioner efficiency is rated using its Season Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER; the lower its SEER, the less efficient the unit. But even if your system has a low SEER, that doesn’t mean you are destined to deal with high energy bills until you replace it.

You can invest in total home automation or pick and choose from various smart technologies and products. Here’s how you can make your existing air conditioner smarter:

Programmable Thermostat

If your HVAC system is compatible with a programmable thermostat, installing one can provide a greater level of control. Programmable thermostats can be set to match your needs. They can adjust to cool your indoor air based on changes in outside temperature. Some models can even learn your habits and set themselves accordingly. But overall, the technology works because it enables the A/C system to run only when you need it, saving energy over time.

Smart A/C Control

You don’t need to have a smart A/C to benefit from smart control. Just find a smart controller compatible with your air conditioner. Some are compatible with existing smart assistants like Alexa or Nest, so you can control your A/C using voice commands.

Other smart controls work with smart thermostats. If the controller you use is compatible with your smartphone or other mobile device, you can use an app to turn the A/C on and off and adjust the temperature, even if you’re not home. An external controller plugs into an electrical outlet near your air conditioner; it must have a direct line of sight for the IR signal to reach the unit.

It’s usually simple to pair your A/C and smart controller. The steps to doing so may vary depending on the product. Typically, it requires selecting your air conditioning unit and the brand, then turning on and off your existing remote. If the controller has an app, it should provide instructions for you to quickly get your smart controller working.

Benefits of Smart A/C Control

Using a smart controller for your air conditioner has a great deal of potential. These are some of the perks you might enjoy:

  • Built-in Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Some models can read temperature and humidity to create the ideal indoor environment.
  • Geo-Fencing: The controller can sense your proximity to home and turn the A/C on or off automatically; if you’re going away, it will turn the system off to save energy.
  • Scheduling: A smart control app can be used to create a personalized schedule on a weekly basis or down to the day, morning or afternoon, or hour by hour for when to run the A/C.
  • Shared Access: You can provide guests at home or in a rental space with access to smart A/C thermostats and even monitor their usage.
  • Track A/C Usage: Some smart controls let you view your A/C schedule. This helps if the unit is running longer in a certain area, which can mean it’s time to update your window sealing or insulation.
  • Cleaner Air: A smart system can send an alert to your phone when it’s time to change or clean your A/C filter. Humidity control helps improve air quality as well.

Smart Control Is for Heating Too

With a smart control or app, you can automate heating based on your routine. This means you can warm up the bathroom before you take a shower, the living room before you’re ready to sit and watch TV, or the bedroom before you go to sleep. Smart control means you can do all this from the couch. It also improves efficiency because the system doesn’t have to heat your entire home at once.

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