7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Commercial Electrician

It’s common knowledge electrical problems must be dealt with by a qualified professional. But just because someone labels themselves as a commercial electrician, doesn’t guarantee they are right for the job. Whether there’s an electrical malfunction in your building or you’re considering a renovation or remodel, these are seven things you need to know before hiring an electrical services company.

Before Hiring a Commercial Electrician Look for:

1. Experience

Hiring a start-up company comes with a lot of risks. Inexperience is your worst enemy when it comes to electrical work; one mistake can lead to disaster. The longer a company has been in business, the better. Your time and money will be more valued, and the technicians will prioritize your needs at every step of the project.

2. Fees

Money isn’t always the deciding factor and shouldn’t be. The cheapest contractor will likely cut corners. But when shopping around, see that the commercial electricians you interview are transparent about their fees. Hiding them is a red flag. The electrician should explain their fees and potential options for waiving them at certain project/price thresholds. Ask for estimates and create a budget beforehand based on what you’re able to spend, the work that must be done, and the cost of similar projects.

3. Reputation

Past quality of work says a lot about what you can expect. Researching electricians is easier than you think. Online reviews can tell you a lot about how past clients feel about their services. Read comments thoroughly and don’t only focus on ratings. Look for factors like how satisfied the client was with the job, the timeliness of the contractor, the type of problem they had, and whether the issue was resolved. References can provide great insights too; if you ask an electrician for a reference, they should be open and willing to provide a few names.

4. Worker Qualifications

The company’s “years of service” won’t tell you the full story. It won’t matter much if the electrician handling your repair or installation has minimal experience. Seasoned professionals will quickly troubleshoot and find resolutions to problems, avoiding multiple visits and frustrations. Commercial electricians have the same basic skills as other electricians, plus state certifications and special licensure. A journeyman electrician must have four years of extensive training so they can handle projects big or small.

5. Insurance

The company should have business liability and workers’ compensation insurance among other policies. Commercial electrical work is risky. Aside from shock and electrocution, hazards also include burns, tripping over wires, falling from ladders, and more. If the company isn’t insured, you could be liable for expenses if an accident occurs on your property. Reputable companies have the right policies to protect themselves and their clients.

6. Flexibility

Any number of challenges can arise during a commercial electrical project. When unforeseen challenges occur, the company must adapt to them quickly to keep the project on track. Every project starts with a blueprint and a plan. Many require changes that mean the difference between success and failure. Communication is critical as well; the electrician should be approachable and easy to talk to about the overall project and any changes along the way.

7. Safety

The contractor should be able to identify any electrical hazards, whether they’re visible or hidden. A good work ethic means the electrician understands the nature and dangers of the job and won’t resort to shortcuts that can lead to poor results and mistakes. A commercial electrician must follow all the latest electrical codes and regulations, or your property may fail an inspection and expensive surprises can lead to more frustrations.

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