Why Is My Home Heating Unevenly?

3 Reasons Your Home Is Heating Unevenly

Have one room, or certain areas of the house that constantly feel hot and stuffy while others are downright frigid? Can’t seem to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house even though the thermostats are all on the same setting? Find it difficult to stay cozy during the winter months? Well, there are several reasons why your home may be heating unevenly, so we’re going to point them out to you, below:

1 – Your Home Receives Direct Sunlight

Believe it or not, the sun’s warm rays can drastically heat up your home. This is both a blessing and a curse because it means you can likely turn the thermostat down a few degrees on sunny days and let the sun heat your home, but it also means you may have areas of the house that feel much hotter than others.

Consider closing blinds or curtains in rooms that have windows directly facing the sun if it feels too warm and stuffy in those areas and vice versa for areas that could use some additional warmth.

2 – Registers Are Blocked

Check to make sure you don’t have furniture or carpets placed in front of the vents in your home. Your hvac system needs adequate airflow to work properly so you may need to readjust your furniture to allow for better circulation.

3 – Your HVAC System Isn’t The Right Size

This is a problem that’s more common than you might think. Sometimes, homeowners think they can get away with a smaller system to save a few bucks while others believe the biggest system will be the best. An improperly sized heating system can cause warm or cold spots in the house which could leave you and your family feeling uncomfortable.

Heater Replacement & Installation in Olympia

If you’re concerned about whether your heater can make it through the winter without experiencing a breakdown, it’s possible that a new heater is the best option. This is a difficult decision to make since it involves time and expense. You’ll have fewer headaches if you turn to an HVAC company with years of experience. Call the experts at Black Hills Inc, Home Services today: (360) 558-3242.