What Does “Sizing” an Air Conditioning System Mean?

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system, you’ve probably heard salesman talk about the right “size” air conditioner for your home. But what does “sizing” an air conditioning system mean? It isn’t a reference to physical size, though that could enter into the equation depending on the space you have available for the unit in your home. In this case, “sizing” refers to the power levels of the air conditioner, measured in BTU s (British Thermal Units) per hour. Our Air Conditioning Experts at Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air Conditioning can help you correctly size your system properly. But why is it so important to find the right power levels for your system? In simplest terms, you need your air conditioner that is neither too small nor too large but just right. Obviously, you don’t want a system that lacks the power to cool your entire home, because it will labor too hard and won’t generate enough cool air. But neither do you want a system that generates too much power. If it does, it will cycle on and off rapidly, increasing strain on the system and causing it to wear out more quickly. Proper sizing – finding the right power levels for your home is extremely important. And the equation to arrive at the properly sized air conditioner is trickier than it seems. You need to measure the square footage in your home, but you also need to factor in the amount of sunlight your household gets, the presence of cracks or breaches around the edges of your windows, the amount of insulation in the house, and similar factors. For more on what sizing an air conditioning system means, or to schedule an installation evaluation, contact he experts at Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air Conditioning for help. Give us a call today to set up an appointment!