Saving Money with a Zone Control System

Most people have a standard HVAC system designed to heat and cool their entire home at once. There’s one thermostat to control the temperature in all rooms. While this may seem convenient, it is highly inefficient in terms of energy consumed and cost. Zone control, an alternative to this one-size fits all approach, reduces inefficiencies and delivers comfort where you need it. HVAC zoning considers the exact needs of your home, which likely differ from every other in your neighborhood.

What Is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system uses multiple thermostats that are linked to a central control panel. While each thermostat controls the temperature for a specific room, the panel uses signals from thermostat adjustments to open and close dampers throughout the duct system. Each zone can therefore reach a target temperature. In fact, the thermostats can read zone temperatures and operate the dampers automatically.

Ways to Save

When you install a zone control system, these are the primary ways it can help you save:

  • Lowers Your Energy Bills: Since your AC or heater doesn’t need to maintain a consistent temperature throughout an entire structure, less energy is wasted. Cost savings are most noticeable in larger homes. Dampers for rarely used rooms can be closed, so there’s less energy put into keeping them at a perfect temperature when no one is there. In addition, automated controls avoid using more energy if you forget to turn off the AC in a living room, for example, when you go to bed.
  • Reduces Maintenance: Focusing your ACs capabilities on certain areas means it doesn’t have to run at full speed all the time. This reduces strain, and with less wear and tear, your system can have a longer life span. Adding years to the life of your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump yields significant savings. So does having fewer service calls and repairs, as these bills can add up. A zone control system can therefore save you a great deal over time.
  • Provides Separate Temps for Each Area: The direction a room faces, how much sunlight it gets, the number of windows, condition of insulation, and other factors impact whether it is naturally cooler or warmer. With zone control, you can focus energy on adding comfort there. A traditional HVAC system could be overworked by delivering extra heating or cooling systemwide to compensate.

This also provides a more comfortable living space overall. You can intentionally keep parts of the house warmer or cooler depending on certain family members’ preferences. If someone who occupies a particular room often prefers a cooler temperature than you, zone control can accommodate their needs.

Homes that benefit most from zone control include those with multiple levels, garages converted into living spaces, or which have sunrooms.

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