Pro Buying Guide: Buying a Warranty for a Heat Pump

Heat pumps may be warranted by the manufacturer, such as Amana, Trane, or Lenox, or by a home warranty company (some top names will be covered later). The limited warranty supplied by the equipment manufacturer will cover defects in the manufacturing process. However, it doesn’t cover labor costs. Your heat pump is a critical component of your heating and cooling system, so buying the right warranty protects your investment, comfort, and safety.

Do I Need a Heat Pump Warranty?

If your heat pump breaks, repairs can be quite expensive, and many people don’t have the cash to cover the cost out of pocket. It’s a good idea to have your equipment covered because:

  • Heat pumps are complex and can malfunction suddenly without proper care.
  • Depending on size, a heat pump can cost $8,000 or more to install.
  • Repairing a unit, depending on the issue and complexity of service, can cost $1,000.
  • Maintenance can cost several hundred dollars, especially to replace coolant; some warranties and service plans cover routine tasks.

Don’t bank on your heat pump running trouble free for its entire operating life. A warranty covers repair and replacement costs when the system unexpectedly breaks down. With a home warranty, you have coverage long after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. The parts and services covered will be detailed in the fine print, and you’ll just pay a small service fee.

Searching for reputable service providers isn’t an issue either. You can save time if the warranty provider can arrange for visits by a local service contractor. Whether you need a refrigerant refill or component repair or replacement, the service professional will be qualified for the job.

What to Look for in a Heat Pump Warranty

There are many warranty options on the market. But there are basic elements to look for that determine whether the policy meets your needs, including:

  • Low Premium: Similar to an insurance premium, this fee varies depending on the equipment, size of your home, and location. Look for the best coverage at the most reasonable price.
  • Service Fees: A service fee is charged by the repair company. It can range from $50 to $100 depending on the provider. Again, the service provider will be selected by the home warranty company.
  • Length of Coverage: A warranty may provide coverage for 5, 10, or more years. There’s also a waiting period to prevent you from buying a warranty to cover known repair issues. Some warranties enforce a 30-day waiting period after enrollment.
  • Availability: Each warranty provider has its own schedule; some may be closed on the weekend while others may have 24/7 help centers. It’s best for a company to have maximum availability so it can help during emergencies.
  • Exclusions: The document your warranty comes with should identify the types of appliances and repairs it excludes. Is your model of heat pump covered? If not, then the warranty won’t cover repairs no matter how much you paid for it.

Can I Use My Heat Pump Warranty to Cover Replacement?

That all depends on the warranty. Most home warranty contracts don’t mention heat pumps, although many consider them to be part of the HVAC system, so will likely cover the cost of replacement. However, each warranty agreement has its own terms and conditions. These can reflect how much of the replacement cost is covered.

Best Warranties for Heat Pumps

The list of warranty options is long. Here are three for heat pumps that are worth considering:

  • Choice Home Warranty: This top-rated brand offers $45 to $55 monthly plans that cover all heat pump components and parts. It offers emergency service and will cover older heat pump systems.
  • American Home Shield: Monthly plans range from $35 to $65 and you can choose your own service fee. Coverage includes access, diagnosis, and repair as well as replacement, plus a combo plan that covers other systems and appliances.
  • Select Home Warranty: Costs $36 to $45 per month with 2 months free for new customers. In addition to heat pump and other central AC/heating parts and components, it can cover garage door openers and ceiling fans. Roof leak protection is available at no extra cost.

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