Why It’s Never Too Early or Late for Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance isn’t strictly a repair service. It’s more like a tune-up for your heater. A trained technician will give your furnace a thorough examination. They will check the burners to see if they are functioning correctly, clean any dust or build-up on components, tightens any loose bolts, and identifies any potential problem areas for future repair. Many homeowners will schedule their maintenance session right before the heating season begins to ensure that their system is running properly before they really need to use it. But you shouldn’t wait for a set time to schedule to plan for a session. Here’s why it’s never too early or too late for heating maintenance. The biggest advantage of heating maintenance is preventing a problem before it starts. Dust and dirt can increase the strain on your heater, which in turn increased the risk of a breakdown. If a technician cleans off the dust – regardless of how much was built up – that can reduce the strain on the system. Not only does it help prevent issues later, but also helps your heater run more efficiently, which will help lower the monthly costs of heating your home. Along those lines, preventative maintenance can also help spot potential trouble areas before they get out of hand. For example, a loose bolt may cause the fan motor to rattle. If a technician spots that during a maintenance appointment, they can tighten the bolt and fix the problem. However, if the bolt is left loose, it may damage the motor itself, requiring a far more expensive replacement later on down the line. Regardless of when you do maintenance, if it catches something like that, it could save you a great deal of money. In Olympia, WA (and surrounding areas) Black Hills, Inc. is the place to go for any heating service. We know why it’s never too early or too late for a Furnace Tune-up and our trained maintenance technicians are standing by to inspect your furnace whenever you a ready. Pick up the phone today and give our office a call to make your appointment today.