How Does Routine Maintenance Prevent Future Air Conditioner Repairs?

A lot of people think of Air Conditioning maintenance is the same as Air Conditioning repairs, and indeed most companies that offer air conditioning repair also offer maintenance. But there are a few subtle differences. Maintenance appointments are designed to minimize the risks of more serious repairs later on down the line, as well as helping your air conditioning system perform more efficiently and lower your monthly bills. So how does routine air conditioning maintenance prevent future air conditioning repairs? A few quick answers can be provided below. Dirt and duct-build up will increase friction on moving parts. Loose components can rattle in their housings and waste energy. Clogged air filters reduce the flow of air into your home. All of these things serve to increase the strain on the air conditioner’s interior workings. The longer the strain remains high, the greater the chances of a major breakdown occurring. A timely maintenance appointment from a trained professional will reduce those burdens and thus lower the risk of repairs. By cleaning the dust and replacing small worn parts with new ones, the air conditioner doesn’t need to work so hard to do its job, and the larger, more important parts will last much longer. An even more important issue arises when refrigerant levels are low. That creates ice on the evaporate coils, which represents lost cooling potential that isn’t going into your home. Furthermore, the ice insulated the air you want to be cooled from the refrigerant that’s supposed to be cooling it. Your AC unit will thus work much harder to cool your home and the risk of a breakdown increased exponentially. A simple maintenance can recharge the refrigerant to its specified levels and prevent such problems from ever occurring. If you know how routine maintenance prevents future air conditioner repairs, the next step is to call Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air Conditioning to help you. We provide expert Air Conditioning Maintenance, as well as anything else related to air conditioning repair and we’d rather help you stop big problems before they start, instead of waiting for them to make your life difficult. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!