Pro Guide to Buying a Central Air Conditioner Warranty

While today’s HVAC systems are designed to last, expensive repairs can pop up along the way. Buying the right central air conditioner warranty is a sure way to protect your investment and save you money in the long run. If you’re buying a home, ask whether the central AC system is under warranty and if coverage can be transferred.

It’s not uncommon for new homeowners to deal with a failed heating/cooling system within a few months. While most newer systems will run trouble-free for years, breakdowns do happen, and you need to be prepared for when they do.

Central Air Conditioner Warranty Facts and Types

To better understand how warranties work, here is a rundown of the types of coverage you may get with HVAC equipment.

Manufacturer Warranties

Providing coverage for faulty parts and components; a simple defect or error can cause the system to fail. If that’s the case, the manufacturer will fix or replace your air conditioner at no charge. A warranty can therefore make an HVAC breakdown less frustrating and stressful. Oftentimes, the life of the warranty can be extended by registering the product with the manufacturer or HVAC contractor that installed it.

Labor Warranties

Labor costs are generally not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. If there were any errors, mistakes, or mishaps during installation, cleaning, or maintenance, a labor warranty will cover the cost of repairs. Most manufacturers cover labor for up to two years. You can save a lot on repair and replacement costs, especially if the underlying issues resulted from the carelessness of a technician who may lack experience or attentiveness.

How Long Do Warranties Last?

A 5-year warranty is included with most central air conditioner warranties. Newer products are designed to run for 10 to 15 years, most usually run fine during the warranty period. Parts and labor warranties may be good for a few years. It’s important to review the fine print to ensure that the warranty meets your needs and is likely to have financial benefits well into the future.

Do I Need an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty can be purchased at an extra cost that may or may not be worth it. In some cases, the cost of coverage can exceed that of labor. Plus, extended warranties often require periodic service, which can add on to the initial price.

When you buy an extended warranty, it continues to cover your system when the manufacturer’s warranty period is over. Extended warranties are also often transferable when you sell a home. They can add value to your home as well, so whether one is worthwhile all depends on what you expect from it. Depending on the warranty, you may extend a three- or five-year parts/labor warranty to as much as 10 or 15 years.

Generally, extended warranties are pushed by HVAC sales professionals for profit. They know your equipment is unlikely to break down between the time the manufacturer’s warranty expires and before the expiration date. If you do purchase extended coverage, be cautious about buying it from a third-party, as there’s a chance the manufacturer won’t recognize it and you’ll have to pay for repairs upfront anyway (unless the warranty seller reimburses you).

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