Fresh Air Intake System Maintenance Tips

November 4, 2022 | Air ConditioningAir Quality

The intake pipe provides fresh air to a furnace so it works efficiently. It also helps keep pollutants out of your indoor air. Understandably, it’s important to properly maintain the fresh air intake system. Dirt and blockages can have a profound impact on your heating system and home. To avoid potentially hazardous situations, follow these […]

How to Wire a Light Bulb Holder

October 24, 2022 | News

Light fixtures have many colloquial names, such as bulb socket, bulb holder, lamp, ceiling light, etc. And they come in many different shapes and sizes, each designed to accommodate a specific bulb size. Connecting fixtures directly to an electrical circuit makes light fixtures directly controllable with light switches and hides the wiring within the walls, […]

How a Heat Pump Works

September 30, 2022 | Heat Pump

A heat pump is an efficient device that moves heat from one place to another. It can provide heat but also operate in reverse to cool a building. However, the process by which it does so is different than a standard air conditioner. We will explain the function of a heat pump, some parts found […]

Pro’s and Con’s of a Ductless Air Conditioner

September 22, 2022 | Air Conditioning

A ductless air conditioner is similar to a central AC system in that it has an outdoor compressor unit and an indoor air handler. However, it requires only a small hole in the wall to link the power cord, refrigerant tubes, and drainage lines between them. Does ductless heating and cooling live up to the […]

Complete Guide to Central Air Conditioning Installation

September 16, 2022 | Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning installation requires many considerations. We do not recommend doing it yourself, as this risks serious injury. It can also result in costly damage to the system. Only a licensed HVAC installer should take on the job. They are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of AC installation to ensure you get the […]

What Do I Need a 250 Volt Outlet For?

August 9, 2022 | Electrical

As you walk through your home, most electrical outlets will be the standard ones you are used to. These are typically three-prong 120-volt, 15-amp outlets. One prong is the hot wire, another the neutral wire, and the third is the grounding wire.  You might see an occasional outlet that isn’t the same as the others. […]

How to Fix Hard Water

July 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

Hard water is a common issue that many households face. It contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can make cleaning more difficult and reduce the lifespan of your appliances. If you believe that hard water is causing problems in your home, it could be the right time to start learning […]

How to Apply Air Conditioner Foam

July 19, 2022 | Air Conditioning

Window air conditioners are convenient and easy to install. But when it gets colder, you’ll need to remove the unit or insulate the area with foam board or a weather seal. In this article, we’ll explain how to apply air conditioner foam, which most hardware and home improvement stores have available. When choosing foam insulation, […]

Unique Ways to Unclog Any Drain

July 12, 2022 | Uncategorized

Most of us have encountered a clogged drain. Any sink, tub, or floor drain can get stopped up, but this is usually no cause for alarm. Many clogs can be cleared in some clever ways. We’ll now explain some methods to unclog a drain before your rush to call a plumber. 6 Unconventional Ways to […]

Black Hills Inc.’s Simple Guide: How to Install a Window Air Conditioner

June 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

Installing a window air conditioner is much simpler than having a central AC system installed. Plus, window ACs are compact, reliable, and durable. Modern units are more energy-efficient as well. Here, we’ll explain how to install a window air conditioner without professional assistance. Determine Size and Capacity Window-mounted air conditioners are available in many sizes. […]