6 Need-to-Know Facts About the Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air duct cleaning is an important HVAC service. Homeowners can see greater A/C efficiency, better air quality, and reduced allergy symptoms when ducts, grills, registers, fans, and HVAC components are professionally cleaned. You may notice dustier conditions and higher utility bills if your ductwork and system aren’t sanitary, but the professionals can help improve conditions at home. These facts about the air duct cleaning process should help you better understand its benefits.

1. Negative Pressure Gets Air Ducts Clean

The process can vary from one company to another. Some air duct cleaners use small handheld tools, while others employ heavy duty machinery. Negative pressure is often used to ensure dust, dirt, and particulates aren’t spread throughout the house during the process. It also prevents materials from getting into the technician’s vacuum collection unit.

Vacuum collectors can be portable or truck mounted. The system is connected via a hose to the air handler by inserting it into an access hole in the duct. The junction point is sealed as best as possible. Duct cleaning must be performed on both the supply and return side. Each register is sealed with an adhesive cover and the process is started to suck particles into the collection system.

2. Duct Cleaning Requires Little Preparation

There isn’t much you need to do beforehand. Just make sure there’s enough space for technicians to work around your registers and other HVAC components. Cleaning these areas in advance allows technicians to work quickly and safely. They will then prepare your system for using negative pressure and then agitate the dust that may be in your ducts.

3. A Technician Will Inspect Your Ducts Before Cleaning

A complete inspection of your air duct system should be performed before it is cleaned. Make sure the technician checks all access points, assesses the condition of your ductwork, and decides on the best approach to the air duct cleaning process. An inspection helps assess the level of buildup in ducts.

Professionals often use CCTV cameras and flexible cables to find leaks, clogs, and other sources of reduced airflow or contamination. During the visit, some issues can be fixed, while sections of ductwork can be replaced if necessary. After air duct cleaning, a camera inspection can help determine the effectiveness of the process.

4. HVAC Techs Use Advanced Equipment to Achieve Successful Results

Brushes and other simple agitation devices may be used to remove dust and buildup. Proper air duct cleaning requires more than a basic air compressor and disinfectant. Certified technicians will use more advanced compressed air tools along with rotating brushes and vacuum systems to remove debris from deep within your air ducts. They also need the proper tools to clean major HVAC components like the evaporator coil, blower motor, and drain pan.

5. Duct Cleaning Takes Less Than a Day

According to the National Air Duct Cleaning Association, the air duct cleaning process takes just a few hours. The actual amount of time varies depending on the size of your home, the type of ductwork, and how contaminated it is. The number of technicians on site impacts cleaning time as well. Your HVAC contractor should provide a general time estimate before the start of the job.

6. Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned as Often as Necessary

Cleaning intervals vary depending on your needs. Many homeowners can get by with an air duct cleaning every three to five years. More dirt-prone systems may need to be cleaned every two or three years, while homeowners with severe allergies or who smoke may benefit from ductwork cleaning service every year or so.

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