Top Olympia Air Quality Solutions for Homes

By changing HVAC filters every 90 days, having regular AC tune-ups, and cleaning your ducts every few years, you can improve indoor air quality (IAQ). But pollution has many sources. Since pollutants tend to be more concentrated indoors, their impact on your health and well-being can be significant. These Olympia air quality solutions can protect your home and family.

Improved Ventilation

Addressing IAQ concerns may not necessarily require any investment. Just by opening windows and doors, you can allow pollutants to escape naturally. Fresh air can enter your home as well. Window and attic fans can help improve ventilation, while a fan in your kitchen and bathroom can exhaust contaminants outdoors. Ventilation is especially important in controlling sources of pollution, such as cooking, painting, welding, sanding, or soldering.


High indoor humidity can negatively impact air quality, especially if mold and mildew are present. You can avoid irritating and toxic molds by taking away the moist environment they thrive in. A dehumidifier can effectively lower humidity levels to a comfortable 30% to 50%. Plus, the more humid it is inside, the warmer and stickier it feels, so dehumidification can improve comfort.

HEPA Filter

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter can remove airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. That includes dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria. Larger particles are trapped with even higher efficiency; the higher the filter’s Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, the better it is at doing so. A HEPA filter can be extremely beneficial for someone with severe allergies.

Air Cleaner

Many types of air cleaners are available. Table-top models can remove some particles, but not as effectively as higher-end models, such as whole-house air cleaning systems. For the most part, air cleaners do not remove gases. It’s therefore helpful to know what type of pollutants are present before investing in such a system.

UV Light Air Purifier

Ultraviolet light effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mold, and other organic pathogens. It can also neutralize some volatile organic compounds as well as remove odors. Healthcare, educational, and commercial facilities often use UV air purifiers. And, these can also be installed in your home HVAC system. A UV-C purifier is particularly effective at quickly destroying viruses, which HEPA filters only collect to keep out of the air supply. 

Ionizer Air Purifier

Ionizer purifiers have a solid-state design. This means replacement parts are never needed and the purifier does not release any harmful byproducts. The device works by injecting ions into the air that break down pollutants at the molecular level. It also binds dust, pollen, and dander together, making it easier for your HVAC filter to trap them. At Black Hills, we offer a self-cleaning model, while several options are available that eliminate mold, bacteria, and viruses. Some even reduce smoke and static electricity.

Micro Air Purifier

A Micro Air Purifier, or MAP, attracts particles as small as 0.001 microns using a bi-polar electromagnetic charge generated by carbon graphite. The air cleaner’s low static media pads pull in harmful particulates, and then collect and contain them. These internal pads are replaced every four months.

Request Olympia Air Quality Solutions from Black Hills

We specialize in providing ionizer units, micro air purifiers, and UV air purification systems. If you have IAQ concerns, schedule air quality testing in your home by Black Hills. Our IAQ technicians can determine the type, concentration, and source of common pollutants and discuss the most suitable solutions for your home. They’ll even help install one of our IAQ products and ensure high-quality results. Call 360-822-9659 to schedule an appointment.