Tips for Finding the Best Home Services Electrician

If you’re looking for an experienced Olympia, WA, electrician, Black Hills Home Services is certified, licensed, and bonded, so you can expect top-quality service. But we are one of many electricians to choose from in the region. Making a phone call or online request for service is the easy part. How do you know the provider you’re contacting is the best home services electrician for your needs?

Evaluate the Electrician’s Experience

Some electricians have a broad range of expertise; others have a narrower focus. When evaluating electrical contractors, check their experience dealing with the problem you are having. For example, are your lights flickering, outlets buzzing, or circuit breakers frequently tripping? Electricians are usually good at finding the cause. But if you need the main circuit panel upgraded, outdated wiring replaced, or a smart home security system installed, a more specialized electrician should be consulted.

Search the Internet

A Google search is often the easiest way to find a qualified local electrician. Try the following strategy:

  • Search for an Electrician Near You: The search engine is very good at identifying where a query is coming from.
  • Include Your Location: Search for an electrician in your city; Google will make the match accordingly.
  • State the Problem: The search algorithm will look for providers that list the appropriate service.
  • Search for Best Reviews: Higher-rated reviews will appear to help find the most qualified contractors.

Read Reviews and Compare Services/Prices

Most electrical services companies do a good job of listing capabilities on their websites. Online reviews are an even better resource for assessing the quality of service, what’s included, and at what price. You always want the best quality work at the most reasonable cost. Reading the most current reviews helps find that.

In addition to the types of work the company does, check star ratings that indicate client sentiment on key points of service. Dig into what a client says about their experience as well (5 stars vs. 3 stars mean different things to different people). While you can gain a lot from reviews, word of mouth is a great tool; recommendations from family members, friends, and neighbors are usually helpful in finding the best home services electrician.

Ask a Few Questions

Communicating with an electrician directly is a valuable step (if you know what to ask them). When you contact a company, here are some of the following questions to ask:

  • What kind of license do you have?
  • What electrical work do you specialize in?
  • Are you insured?
  • Will you inspect my home and provide an estimate?
  • Do you include a warranty on your work?
  • What are your service agreement/billing terms?
  • How long does it usually take to complete a project/repair?
  • Are there promotions or discounts currently available?

Know What Your Needs Are

Try to understand the problem you’re having before calling an electrician. If you can describe it in detail, it’s easier to tell if they’re qualified to deal with it. Also, be sure you even need an electrician. If something’s not working right, check whether plugs are secured into sockets, a circuit breaker has tripped, or your appliances are turned on. These issues can be easily corrected. So, if you can resolve the matter on your own, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

When to Call an Electrician

The decision to hire an electrician depends on the problem and what needs to be done. Are you planning a remodel or inspection? You probably don’t need an electrician right away. One dead outlet can be a nuisance, but maybe you can plug an appliance in somewhere else. However, if circuit breakers keep tripping or there are signs of a serious problem, such as sparks, burning odors, or damaged wiring, make that call ASAP.

Call Black Hills, Inc. to Hire the Best Home Services Electrician in Olympia

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