Reasons You Need to Regularly Change Your AC’s Air Filter

Every air conditioner has an air filter, whether it be a standard replaceable model or an elaborate system outfitted with UV lights and the like. Its purpose is simple: to collect dust, hair, and similar bits of debris before they enter your system. Most air filters are designed to be replaceable, meaning that you should switch them out with a new version every few months or so. How often depends on your unique circumstances –a family with lots of pets, for example, may need to change the filter more than a family without pets – but the principle remains the same. Air conditioning systems need fresh filters in order to work their best. Here Are a Few Reasons You Need to Regularly Change Your AC’s Air Filter The most obvious reason is that it improves the overall quality of your indoor air. A clogged filter won’t do much to keep debris out of your system, which means you’ll find more dirt and debris in the air. That means dirtier furniture and increased irritation of the nose and throat. In asthmatic or similar sensitive family members, it may even provoke an attack. Furthermore, clogged filters often translate to lower air flow, which means that your air conditioner won’t be able to do its job as effectively. That means it will work harder to provide the same levels of comfort, increasing strain on the system and adding unnecessary costs to your monthly bills. Along those lines, dust and dirt that isn’t picked up by your filter can coat the interior components of the air conditioner itself. That translated into increased friction, clogged lines and insulation on the coils, preventing the unit from doing its job. A routine maintenance session from a qualified technician can handle many of these problems and typically includes an air filter change, though you should regularly change your air filter every few months on your own to supplement those efforts. For an air conditioning system maintenance, give the experts at Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air conditioning a call. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness and professionalism, and we’re dedicated to making your AC unit as efficient as it should be!