Options to Consider When Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Unfortunately, your Air Conditioning System may not last forever. Even with regular maintenance, our AC will eventually become less efficient that it was the day it was installed. If you’ve had to make frequent air conditioning repair services recently, you may be time for a new system. Today, there are many affordable and energy-efficient options available. Choosing a new AC System doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re looking for an air conditioning replacement in Washington, here are some options you should consider. Whole-System Replacement If only one part of your system is failing, you may think that replacing only that component will fix the problem. However, you should consider replacing both the outdoor and indoor components of an older system, even if only one component fails. System components have advanced recently in design, performance, and efficiency, so your system will likely have a longer lifespan with fewer repair issues if you replace both the indoor and outdoor units. Types of Systems One of the first things you should discuss with a technician when replacing your AC is the type of system you want. Central air conditioning, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits are all options you can discuss when considering air conditioning replacement. Efficiency Ratings Air Conditioning Systems are much more energy-efficient than they once were. If you have had your current AC System for several years, it may be using far more energy than those that are available today. Zone Control One upgrade you may be unaware of for your new system is zone control. Along with your new central AC System, a technician can install dampers in the ductwork along with separate thermostats so you can adjust the temperature separately in each room of your home. No matter what options you choose, replacing your Air Conditioning System is the best decision you can make for increased performance and efficiency. Call Black Hills Inc, Heating and Air Conditioning for all your Air Conditioner Service or Replacement needs.