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Olympia Heater Repair & Maintenance

Solutions to Your Heating Problems

Has your heater stopped working on a cold winter night? Is your system acting strange, causing you to worry that it might break down? Whatever your situation may be, rest assured that Black Hills is here to save the day and restore your heat.

Our team of expert heater repair technicians in Olympia delivers exceptional service promptly. Our licensed and bonded company is committed to getting your system back into excellent condition. Since 1993, we have been keeping Thurston County warm, and we look forward to assisting your family.

Give us a call at (360) 558-3242 or complete our online contact form today to request an appointment.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

How do you know when it’s time to call in the experts for heater repair services? Of course, sometimes it’s obvious – if your heater won’t turn on at all, you probably need a professional to come check it out. Other times, the problem is subtler.

Call for repairs if you notice:

  • A sudden, unexplained spike in your heating bill
  • Cold air blowing from your ducts
  • The temperature in the room doesn’t match the temperature set on your thermostat
  • The furnace itself is excessively hot
  • Parts of the system are extremely dirty
  • Strange noises

Whether you have a furnace, a heat pump, or some other type of heating system, Black Hills has the perfect solution for your problem. We have extensive experience with all types of heating systems and can put that experience to work for you. Once we have diagnosed the problem, we’ll provide a prompt repair with up-front pricing. In many cases, we can perform same-day repairs. We’re even available 24/7 for emergency heater repairs in Olympia!

Invest in Heater Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is key to an effective system. Without regular service, your heater could quickly lose efficiency and become a huge hassle for your family.

By performing regular tune-ups on your system, you can:

  • Extend the lifespan of your heater
  • Maximize the efficiency of your system
  • Save money thanks to increased efficiency
  • Discover minor issues before they become worse and require major repair
  • Keep your family comfortable and safe

Let the technicians at Black Hills perform your heater maintenance services. We recommend at least one heater tune-up per year, ideally in the fall right before you need to start relying on your heating system.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. Call (360) 558-3242.


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