Ductless Mini Split System

Are You Ready For A Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System?If you’re like most homeowners then you likely have central heating or air conditioning system in your home that uses a series of ductwork that pushes air throughout your home. But did you know that there are heating and cooling systems that don’t use ducts? Ductless mini split systems are quickly becoming more popular as an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. For more information about Ductless Systems, Call the Washington heating and cooling experts at Black Hills Inc, Heating & Air Conditioning today.Ductless Mini Split SystemsDuctless mini split heating and air conditioning systems are wall-mounted units in each zone or room of the house. These wall-mounted units circulate the air in each room or zone and provide heating or cooling. Each individual unit is connected to a central outdoor condensing unit by a series of refrigerant tubes and electrical wires.Benefits of Ductless Mini Split SystemsThere are a couple of benefits to using a ductless system.

  • No Ductwork: Unlike traditional central ducted systems, split-ductless systems do not push air through ductwork. Instead, an indoor fan coil or “blower” inside the room is connected to the outdoor unit by small refrigerant pipes and electrical wiring. Because there is no ductwork, they are perfect for a home that installing a conventional ducted system could not be feasible.
  • Greater Control: Ductless mini split systems can also give you more control over which rooms are being heated or cooled. Individual thermostats on each unit allow you to set the temperature for each room rather than expending the energy to heat or cool your entire house.
  • Versatile: Ductless split systems can be installed almost anywhere in your home. They come in a variety of sizes and models, so it easy to choose a system to meet your specific heating and cooling needs.

Here at Black Hills Inc. our HVAC Installers have extensive experience installing these types of heating and cooling systems. If you are interested in learning more about Ductless Mini Split Systems, schedule an appointment with one of our Comfort Advisors today! (360) 558-3242