Captain Comfort is REAL!!!!! The service I witnessed from Jake was beyond the call of duty and truly an act of a “Good Samaritan”! My daughter is in the midst of moving after losing her mate and father of her two small children, to cancer last month. Needless to say she is dealing with major challenges and changes. So, when she encountered the problem of the dryer hook up of 1950 meets new dryer 2019, it hit like the last straw! Luckily, Jake was diligently engaged in installing a new heating system in the garage and could not help but overhear the melt down of frustration in the laundry room nearby. He appeared true to the company motto of Captain Comfort and really did, ‘SAVE THE DAY WITH SUPER SERVICE IN EVERY WAY!’ He paused from his near completed hired task, and fashioned a custom fitting part that enabled the dryer immediately. Such earnest, kind assistance was so wonderful and appreciated, I could not deliver my heartfelt thank you without tears of joy. Seeing my daughter’s relief of one less crisis to avert after countless problems and glib remarks from sales people to again, “Hire a handy man!” was absolutely a blessing to us all! SINCERE GRATITUDE TO BLACK HILLS, INC 🙂