Top Reasons To Replace Your Heater

6 Reasons To Replace That Old Furnace

A warm, cozy house on a cold winter day is one of life’s modern luxuries — that is, until the heater stops working. Is there anything worse than coming home to a cold house even though you know the system should be running when the temperature inside dips below the setting on the thermostat? When the day comes that your heater can no longer keep up with your family’s heating needs, it’s time to schedule a replacement. But here’s what you should be keeping an eye, or ear, out for that might indicate your furnace is on the fritz:

1 – Noisy Operation

HVAC manufactures design heaters to run with as little noise as possible. Chances are, when yours is in proper working order, you may not even hear it running at all.

If you hear a furnace making constant grinding noises, it’s a clue that the system is too old to operate properly. There are some possibilities where the heater may only need to be repaired. But the more consistent and noisy the heater, the more like it needs replacement. If you notice any strange sounds coming from that area this winter, be sure to call in an expert right away.

2 – Energy Bill Spikes

Let’s face it, nobody likes spending money on utility bills, but it’s a part of owning or renting a home or apartment. Make sure you pay attention to your monthly bills because a constant increase is a strong warning of a heater approaching the end of its service life.

3 – Constant Repairs

If you’ve had an HVAC company perform repairs multiple times over a space of a few years, we suspect that it’s very worn down. A system in good working order will need a tune-up each year, but should not require repairs this frequently.

There comes a point where you’ll need to weigh the cost of future repairs against the cost of replacement.

4 – Safety Concerns

There are a number of safety issues that can arise with a malfunctioning heating system. For example, a gas furnace that has a leak could be spewing carbon monoxide or other harmful byproducts into the air you and your family are breathing on a daily basis. If you notice any strange smells or can see cracks, gaps or holes in the equipment, schedule a heating repair appointment with a professional hvac technician immediately.

5 – Unreliable Comfort

As we mentioned above, your heating system, if properly sized, should be keeping your home comfortable all season long. If you start noticing that some rooms are colder than others, or your home just won’t seem to heat up like it used to, these are signs your furnace could be on its way out.

6 – Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Planning on selling in the near future? A new hvac system will likely increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. After all, new homeowners won’t want to have the burden of dealing with malfunctioning components shortly after they settle in.

Heating Repair in Olympia

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