Indoor Air Quality

Here at Black Hills Inc, we are continually concerned with providing the best indoor air quality for our great customers. In addition to our services, we aim to carry state-of-the-art products that will improve the indoor air quality in your home and keep you and your family safe. Indoor air problems not only post a threat to your home and your family, but also to the continued health of the house and the air systems. Indoor air problems are typically caused by inadequate ventilation in the home and in situations when there is not enough outside air being circulated throughout the home. Additionally, as the air is circulating poorly, materials or devices inside the house that radiate pollutants will continue to disperse these pollutants throughout the already poorly-circulated home, compacting the problem. In addition, higher levels of humidity or heat within the home can increase the quickness with which the air will become polluted. To resist indoor air quality continuing to decrease, ensure that you have your home properly ventilated, that you are keeping track of items or chemicals that put-out large amounts of pollutants or fumes, and also ensure to have your heating and air conditioning systems check for proper functionality. Call Black Hills Inc. today at (360) 558-3242 to schedule your free estimate.