5 Major Benefits of an Indoor Air Quality System

There’s a very good chance the air inside your own home isn’t as clean and pure as you think. In fact, indoor air is often dirtier and more polluted than the air outside and poor air quality can lead to a number of negative effects. See below to find out why you may want to consider an indoor air quality system so you and your family can start breathing fresher, cleaner air!

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most homeowners don’t even realize when the air inside their own home is less than satisfactory. If you or your family members get sick often, you experience frequent headaches and/or sinus congestion, you have bad allergies or suffer from asthma symptoms even while you’re indoors, you have excessively dry skin, your eyes, nose and throat tend to feel irritated or dry, or your home feels uncomfortably dry or humid, it’s time to face the facts — you probably have poor indoor air quality.

Pay close attention and keep an eye out for any of the above over the next few weeks, and if you suspect you’ve got a problem on your hands, we’re here to help!

Why Do I Need an Indoor Air Quality System?

You could simply continue to live with polluted or even toxic air inside your own home, but life’s too short to do that! Why not make a few simple changes and start breathing purer, cleaner air? Check out some of the major benefits of an indoor air quality system below:

  1. Better Breathing: without even realizing it, you might be taking shorter, shallower breaths if the air inside your home isn’t clean. This can put additional stress on your body and its vital components and make life more difficult. With clean air, you can take longer, bigger breaths which will provide your body with all of the oxygen it needs to operate properly.

  2. A Cleaner Home: you may not be able to see it, but there are hundreds of thousands of dust and dirt particles floating through your air at any given moment. You may however, notice it when it starts to collect on your furniture, floors and drapes. An indoor air quality system will help remove these particles from the air so you’ll enjoy a much cleaner home (you might even be able to stop using the vacuum as frequently).

  3. Less Allergy Symptoms: find yourself coughing, sneezing or dealing with itchy, watery eyes all the time? This could be a direct result of allergens inside your home. Similar to dust and dirt, air quality systems work to remove airborne allergens so you can say goodbye to those symptoms.

  4. Reduced Odors: notice a foul odor each time you walk through the door? If somebody just finished cooking a fragrant meal or just relieved themselves in the bathroom, that’s one thing, but the house shouldn’t be smelly all the time. Unpleasant smells can actually leave people irritable, angry or upset. UV filters work to break down volatile organic compounds which are oftentimes the catalysts for unpleasant vapors or gases.

  5. Better Sleep: did you know that respiration patterns change when a person goes to sleep? Poor indoor air quality can actually have a negative impact on sleep patterns and cause people to toss and turn all night long. One of the keys to a good night’s sleep is proper breathing and an indoor air quality system can certainly help out with that!

Indoor Air Quality Services in Olympia

Ready to start breathing cleaner air? The team at Black Hills is committed to helping your family breathe easier and enjoy total indoor comfort. We can evaluate your air quality, determine which systems can help improve air quality, and get the necessary equipment installed quickly. Call us today at (360) 558-3242.